Anthropologist in the Attic

Welcome to the official home page of the Anthropologist in the Attic.

I'm a socio-cultural anthropologist. It's always "on" and there's nothing I can do about it. But thanks to all those who unwittingly contribute to my on-going research. Without you, I'd be bored.

I am fortunate that I can explore other areas of anthropology and practice these areas in real time.

Areas of Research:

As a socio-cultural anthropologist I am interested in the area of marginalization, and immigrant communities.

Research topics of interest: Self marginalization and the Salafi
                                         Immigrants and the AIMS Model

My interest in linguistic anthropology:


Most people collect stamps, I collect languages. To date I have about 13 or so. I'm no linguist, but I use language as the window unto the cultures of people.

So far I've studied/learned; American Sign Language, Signing Exact English (SEE2), Arabic, Cree, French, German, Hawaiian, Hungarian, Japanese, Latin, Malay, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish. I've peeked at Aztec, Italian, Swahili and some even claim that I have been able to  handle English ;-)

Current research project: Rock writing in Central Afghanistan.

My interest in forensic anthropology:

Field bone identification in search and rescue.