Seminar and Workshop Development

There is an unfortunate belief that anyone can deliver a seminar or workshop. Have you ever attended a seminar or training session that bored you to tears? Did you miss the message?

A seminar leader is called a facilitator because their job is to help you understand the message. There are a lot of considerations to think about. With a skillful design, anyone can deliver the message but the presentation is most successful if the presenter wants to do it. Those called on to present and don't want to will inadvertently undermine the presentation.

Do you have a message to get across to your staff or clients? Is it a presentation to hundreds or a handful? We can develop a tailor-made seminar for your trainer to deliver. If you don't have a person who can deliver your message we will set up a tandem presentation that will use your expert with our trainer.

We will sit with you and help you determine the best delivery and organization of your seminar or workshop.